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More information about MIPS requirements

MIPS Requirements

2017 marks the initial performance year for MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System). A system that will change the way clinicians are reimbursed as a part of MACRA. Clinicians can participate as little as 90 days or as much as a full year. The level of the clinicians participation will determine their score, which can be 0 – 100.

The score is weighted according to 4 components: Quality (60%), Cost (0%), Advancing Care Information (25%), and Clinical Improvement Activities (15%). Those eligible professionals who participated in Meaningful Use will notice the similarities. Advancing Care Information’s score is calculated as follows: base score measures clinicians on patient access, security risk analysis, e-prescribing, and sending summaries of care; performance score assesses secure messaging, patient education, view/download/transmit, patient generated data, and more; bonus scores include chronic care management and capturing patient-reported outcomes.

Clinicians can choose from over 90 initiatives grouped into 9 subcategories for Improvement Activities. Up to date information is always available on Clinicians should educate themselves, understand what the requirements are, and determine how best to implement them within the scope of their practice.