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Education in Your Practice - Part 2

Education in Your Practice - Part 2

Last month we discussed how to improve your practices website, but what about Facebook and Twitter? As long as every post stays professional, social media sites are great opportunities to stay in touch with your patients between office visits.

Over 50% of the population in the U.S. uses Facebook regularly, whereas over 100 million people frequently use Twitter. That is a significant number of people. How many of your patients use a social media site daily? Especially for patients who have grown up with technology and social media, it would be valuable to participate in some capacity as well.

If you feel the demographic you are treating is not tech-savvy, keep in mind that their care takers may be.

Get started today:

  • Promote your websites on ALL of your handouts & advertising items.
  • Invite your patients to view these sites via business cards.
  • The same information that is provided in your office should be on your website.
  • Post links on your practice site to direct visitors to your social media sites.

Remember: "The more you educate your patients, the better able they will be to participate in their own healthcare. And that’s a goal that everyone should learn about!"

Susanne Madden, CEO of The Verden Group