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Do You Know Your Acronyms?


Physicians and staff alike are feeling overwhelmed with the use of acronyms. Between acronyms used in texting and those used in the healthcare industry, everyone needs a Book of Acronyms!

You use them all the time but do you know what they stand for? Here are some of the most commonly used/heard acronyms and a short explanation, provided in no particular order.

MIPS – Merit Based Incentive Payment System
MACRA – Medicare Access & Chip Reauthorization Act
CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program
EHR – Electronic Health Record
EMR – Electronic Medical Record
CMS – Center for Medicare Services
CPT – Current Procedural Terminology
CPR – Customary, Prevailing, and Reasonable charges and also Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation
ICD – International Classification of Diseases
ACO – Accountable Care Organization
ACA – Affordable Care Act
DME – Durable Medical Equipment and also Direct Medical Education