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Making Resolutions... According to DocComply

Making Resolutions

Resolution#1 – Change Directions

The first step on the road to change is acknowledging the core issue. Often times the finger should be pointed at yourself not at anyone or anything else. This is too often a difficult reality to face. However, if we take ownership of our mistakes just as we do for our triumphs we can make adjustments and changes that will have a great impact on everything and everyone around us.

When something goes wrong or a mistake or oversight is made, blaming someone else won’t resolve the issue because the change that needs to occur is with yourself not with the other person. You also create negative reflection on yourself and lose credibility with the individual. A medical practice involves team work at all times in all ways. Whether it be communication with patients and other providers or medical records management and billing.

When everyone works together, the goal is achieved. When fingers are pointed they are usually in the wrong direction! Change your direction this year and start with yourself. You will be amazed at how different the flow of your day will be and how issues diminish and even disappear and how everyone involved in the practice becomes a tighter knit group!