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Dissatisfaction with EHRs/EMRs

Dissatisfaction with EHRs/EMRs

There has been recent studies showing that a large number of physicians were dissatisfied with their EHR in 2012.

What are the reasons why?

  • Poor vendor support
  • Lack of technology skill/expertise by doctor
  • Cost
  • Server vs. Web/Cloud.

This is all very true with many software solutions and vendors but DocComply® truly is not.

  • As a customer –centric organization, our goal is to provide the highest level of service. We understand that every user will have questions at some point and everyone deserves a response and prompt resolution.
  • Whether someone is a novice or an expert, you will not only find DocComply to be user-friendly but you DocComply takes the time to understand your practice, your workflow, and your habits to tailor your training accordingly. From implementation to go-live and beyond, you will have the support to help you learn and grow with the software.
  • A co-pay a day will pay for DocComply. Really, no fine print.
  • DocComply® has always been a cloud based solution, when most of our competitors were server based only. So we have the experience and knowledge to maintain a successful cloud-based software that provides you the flexibility of access anytime, anywhere while alleviating any reservations you may have about a cloud-based solution. You can always keep a back-up of your data for added comfort.

So before you make assumptions and blanket statements about every vendor and every software solution, give us the chance to get to know you and in turn you will get to know us!