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What does your Account Receivable$ Look Like?

Are you satisfied with how your Accounts Receivable$ looks? Does it all make sense? Maybe you and your staff have fallen behind because of uncontrollable circumstances. Life does happen you know. No matter the reason why, you don’t have to ignore it or just accept it as lost money.

Let the DocComply Clean-Up crew help! We come in and clean up your Accounts Receivable$ and leave you with everything we find. We will probably find money, find some codes that are not payable, send some appeals, post some payments, and fight for more money. Your biller can continue to work on new claims while we tackle the old. Once we are done, you can let out a sigh of relief and keep moving forward. If you constantly have to look backwards you are not spending enough time working on the present. That only makes your Accounts Receivable$ even more unmanageable.

Call us today and we can get started right away, working in parallel with your biller.