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Be careful of what you are posting on Facebook & Twitter

Posting on Social Media

As a physician creating and maintaining social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter helps the marketing of your practice. Whether you believe it or not, what you are posting has an effect on your professional life. Even though statistics state only a small percentage of doctors write unprofessional messages on the internet; make sure you are attentive when posting so your reputation does not tarnish.

One wrong comment can ruin a career... Whether the settings you personally chose are set to private, it does not matter. What you write can and will end up being viewed by people that may not be directly connected to the specific site you are using, or others can make it available to everyone to see, for example "re-tweeting".

"Word of mouth" is powerful and information travels fast to many. Not just physicians, but everyone with careers needs to remain conscious that the conduct in their private life can change people’s views of your professional behavior.