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Education in Your Practice - Part 1

Education in Your Practice

Providers please ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does your front desk enlighten patients with policies and procedures of your practice?
    • And notify them when necessary or when new policies come into effect?
  • Does your clinical support staff give handouts that explain common and chronic conditions, frequently used procedures, and new medical information?
  • Do you see continuing education occurring with patients and with employees or do you constantly have the same conversations?

It is important that all of the answers to these questions are "yes." Your patients are your customers: it is crucial that they leave their visit feeling satisfied with your service.

Don't you think it would be better if they would rather hear information about their condition or illness from you, their provider rather than Google or WebMD?

Take a more proactive approach with patients so that website and search engines are not their first source of information. Maybe you don't have enough time to explain all you want. That's ok. Use your website to post important facts, information and helpful links. If your website only has information about the practice and the providers who work there, you are not maximizing its value. Use your website as a go-to for learning, which will lower the amount of calls to the office and time spent in the examination room.

Doing this will showcase you as an expert in your field and will also create a trusting relationship with you and your patients – keeping them coming back to you.

Just a small part of our EHR is patient education. DocComply makes it easier for the physicians and practice employees to quickly print a handout or look up important information in just one click.